Welcome !

Welcome, maybe you landed fortunately on this page, maybe be not.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, exceptionnal measures should be considered and respected. Only guided tours with 10 visitors (included guide) are allowed.

Because your health and your dearest one’s is essential and to keep meeting you on your favorite places, we are adapting our services and our conditions to welcome you.

That’s why I will wear a mask during the guided tours and I advise you to do the same. In case of impossibility for you to bring your own, I will provide you a whashable one. However we will keep practising social distances and security rules related to each city or monument.

Guided tours of Saint-Malo, Dinan, the village of Mont-Saint-Michel and its abbey are proposed. For the latter it’s not possible for the moment to buy tickets on the spot. You will have to buy them online and to book time of your visit.

You still can contact me if you are planning fo next months. I will try to inform as soon as possible.


Let me introduce myself.

Sans titre

I’m Elise Delafosse-Carmoy, qualified Tour Guide and certified since 2010.

I’ve been working in Brittany and Normandy for four years.

If you are a couple, a family, a groupe of students, colleagues, friends…

If you like to visit a city, a monument or a specific area…

If you have a couple hours, a whole day or even a week…

… please let me share my passion and my experience with you… and guide you !