Fares 2020

(including all taxes)

1,5 hr (only valid for a guided tour of Mont-Saint-Michel abbey or village) 140€
2 hr 160€
Half day (maximum 5 hr) 220€
Whole day (maximum 8 hr) 350€
Extra hour 40€
Travel costs to Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo et Dinan Included in the price of the tour
Travel costs beyond Mont-Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo et Dinan Please, contact me

Are not included :

  • Entrance fees. For Mont-Saint-Michel abbey, count 9€ per person for groups of adults and 30€ for 30 students or pupils (including 1 free teacher for 15 students or pupils).
  • Subsistence costs (18€) of a whole day excursion, if the meal for the guide is not included.
  • Parking fee. For example, at Mont-Saint-Michel, count 9,10€ (or 14,20€ during high saison) for the parking for a car and 45,60€ (63,80€ during the high saison) for the coach per day.
  • Shuttle bus to Mont-Saint-Michel is free. For more informations : http://www.bienvenueaumontsaintmichel.com/en
  • Conditions of cancellation: if a tour is cancelled less than 48 hours before the booked service or in case of no-show, the service will be totally due.
    If the tour is cancelled less than a week before the set date, 50 % of the fare will still be owed.
  • Delay: If the group is late and without any news from them, the guide will be considered free after 1 hour’s waiting.
    However if the group shows up and the tour takes place, each extra hour (40€) will be charged.
  • Payment by cheque or per bank transfer to PRO & GO.